Shaun Conboy

Meg Burton

Building a bond of trust with your financial adviser is VITAL for a good long standing working relationship. This trust is paramount and cannot come overnight; it takes time which Shaun is willing to invest with clients who are looking for a trustworthy person to build a working relationship with.  

Shaun has been a financial adviser for over 25 years helping clients plan for a happy stress free retirement. Many of his clients have been with him for over 20 years.

His main ethos is to help clients formulate a plan for spending and enjoying their retirement money. Based on experience, he has found that the main cause or worry and concern, certainly at the start of retirement, are one’s personal finances.

By following a tried and tested method of gathering personal financial information, looking closely at income versus expenditure and where necessary dealing with debt it is possible to plan for a happy retirement .

His review process is clear, simple and cost free. Shaun offers a no obligation meeting, without any time limit, to gather all the information required, assess your needs, and understand your main financial objectives.

On the personal front Shaun has been married to Sandra for over 35 years, they have one son, Ethan and a Jackadoodle called Elvis!