Danielle Barbereau
Trainer in Wellbeing and Happiness
Professional Coach specialising in Relationships and Divorce

Danielle Barbereau

I specialise in providing emotional support to clients who are struggling to cope during divorce and separation. I also work with collaborative lawyers, as part of their team to support individual clients and couples. My service complements and helps to expedite the legal process. I also support professionals working in industries where there are high incidences of stress, emotional and psychological welfare issues. From this, I have developed a keen interest in wellbeing, happiness.

 “I have never had a Fairy Godmother before” - Client

I recently wrote a book on the subject “After the Split- the Definitive Guide to Recovery When Relationships Break Down”.  Alison Kitchman, Head of Family Law at Taylor Bracewell described it as “a must-have book if you are separating. It will anchor and prepare you for new beginnings”.

I have also contributed articles for publications in High 50s and The Divorce Magazine and am a regular contributor to BBC radio. I trained with Barefoot Coaching (Kim Morgan) Masters in Coaching accredited by the University of Chester and endorsed by the National Council of Psychotherapists. I am a member of the Association for Coaching and have well over 1,000 hours coaching experience.

 “Danielle came into my life when I was trying to recover from a very painful separation from my husband of 32 years, who had embarked on an affair. With her humour, lovely warm personality and wisdom, she helped me forge ahead to a brighter future” - Client  

 “I have read Danielle's book a couple of times, it feels like I've sat down and dictated to her how my life has been this last year. I've found it upsetting, cathartic and helpful at the same time. She has a lovely tone and is very knowledgeable” - Reader of my book (After The Split)