Alan Flinders dipPFS

Alan Flinders

I² Retirement & Financial Planning Ltd: have been talking on the Pre - Retirement and Mid Life Seminars for Prep over the last 18 years.

They are an established firm of Independent Financial Advisers (IFA's) whose specialist consultants have over 40 years experience in providing quality advice.

They are totally independent of any Bank, Building Society, Insurance Company or Investment Manager and are committed to providing their clients with truly unbiased advice. Their advice is supported by market leading research software, which enables them to work on a strictly ‘Best Advice’ basis. They will combine all relevant facts about a clients current situation before making any recommendations.

Their clients are individuals looking to maximise their finances, coming up to or who are in retirement.The hallmark of the firm is the attention to detail. Their clients demand, and deserve the highest standards of integrity, discretion and professionalism. An expectation I² Retirement & Financial Planning Ltd are committed to fulfilling.

I² Retirement & Financial Planning Ltd has their Head Office centrally located in South Yorkshire within easy reach of motorway, rail and tram connections to the North and South of the country.